Ok, I don’t exactly hate Twitter, even if this post is in the hate category. Anyway, I don’t like Twitter for these 4 reasons:

Twitter is an excuse

People often use Twitter when they don’t have anything to say on their blog. Instead of a real update they post something like “I just got up” or “Today I wear white socks.” And I am like: “What do I care? I want to read some real updates!”

Twitter is watching You !

That is a bit exaggerated of course, but it’s a fact that the internet never forgets. Past week 3 posts of my other blog were lost completely because I didn’t use the right backup *stupid me* :-2 . Nevertheless they had already been indexed at Technorati and so I could find my complete articles there. The point is: Today anything can get indexed – your private manners as well as the locations you go, etc. Some twitterers try to make the congress tweet, and forget how important it was to speak in private and from face to face. That, my dear twitterers, is called the real world.

Twitter vs. the Real World

Despite the fact that I don’t care about it, Twitter claims that some research shows that moms want to know if their kids are eating soup.

The introduction video says that real life happens between blogging and emails.

Exactly. Real life means mowing the lawn and not sitting in front of the computer. But what are you supposed to do? Twitter wants you to sit at the computer and write about it. And Twitter even forces the people that care (not me) about the crap you leave to start their computers, go online and read it.

Starting the computer? Yes, mate: Not all of us do have an iPhone, you know?

Socializers on steroids

The internet is making it easy to find new friends all over the internet (although this blog post might compromise my chances to make friends with twitterers) :-) . It’s taking up too much time to care about the new friends you make and with posts like “My husband just p**ped” the Twitter service is not used productively – yet.

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